Topflight Grain Cooperative, Inc. is a farmer-owned grain cooperative in the heartland of the USA in the middle of Illinois grain belt.
The rich soils and modern farm practices produce record yields of quality grains.

Founded in 1998

Formed in 1998 as the consolidation of three local grain cooperatives and additional mergers in 2000, 2003 & 2014, Topflight Grain Cooperative serves grain producers in Piatt, Macon, Moultrie, Dewitt, Douglas, Champaign, & Logan counties. Permanent storage capacity of the nineteen facilities is 37 million bushels of grain. Annual volume of the company is 40 million bushels with grain sales exceeding $240 million.

Close to Major Grain Processing Plants

The Decatur processing plants of ADM & Tate & Lyle are just 25 miles from many of the facilities. Processing plants and ethanol plants near Pekin are just 40 miles from the Logan County elevators; Bloomington, IL processors are just 30 miles away. Gibson City processors and One Earth Energy are only 30 miles from the Seymour elevator. These markets provide many market opportunities for the quality grain grown by the 2,600 stockholders of Topflight Grain. The numerous trucking firms that serve all of Topflight’s grain elevators ensure prompt delivery to meet contract specifications.

Transportation Access to Gulf of Mexico

Topflight Grain facilities at Bement, Milmine and Monticello are located directly on the Norfolk Southern rail main line, allowing shipments of grain into Decatur, movement to the Illinois River, east coast, or the export market. Through a reciprocal agreement, switching on the Illinois Central affords the opportunity for export markets via the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico is also accessible from the Cisco grain facility, where Topflight Grain is the co-owner of a 13.5-mile rail road that connects Cisco to the Decatur markets and the IC rail service.